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Home Insurance


You home is the epicenter of your life. It’s the place you’ve come to know and love while watching your family grow under its roof. To protect everyone and everything you love living in your home, you need reliable home owner insurance. Fortunately, American Auto Insurance of Gainesville is here to help.

American Auto Insurance of Gainesville keeps your home in good hands with proper home owners insurance. Our policies will suit everything you need to protect your home. We can find you the insurance policy that works best for your budget and will cover everything you need for the happy life you lead at your house. Home owner insurance ensures you’ll be fully protected from costs in case something unexpected happens to your house, including flood damage, fire damage, storm damage, and more. Please contact us if you have any questions about our home owners insurance options. 


Benefits of Home owners Insurance

  • Protection of loss by natural disasters (hurricane or tornado damage), fire, or other natural/man-made calamities
  • Personal liability protection if a person gets injured while in your home or on your property, also may cover the cost of hiring an attorney to defend you in court if injury does occur
  • Coverage of temporary relocation costs if your home is damaged (hotels, meals and other living expenses)
  • Many banks and mortgage lenders will require or insist on homeowner's insurance to protect their investment in your home
  • Possession replacement (appliances, clothing, furniture, etc.) if your property is destroyed
  • Coverage of possessions lost in the event of a theft or robbery of your home

Weather concerns for the Gainesville, Florida area

Many areas of Florida see their fair share of natural disasters, from tornadoes to hurricanes. With American Auto Insurance,  we protect loss caused by such natural disasters. If a natural calamity does occur and your home becomes uninhabitable, we will even cover temporary relocation costs until your home is fully restored.

Protect Your Investment with Our Home Insurance Policy

Contact us today if you need home owner insurance on your property. We can help you out by finding you full coverage while saving you money. It’s a win-win for everybody. Call American Auto Insurance of Gainesville today at (352) 373-3855 to get a free quote on home owner insurance and get started now!

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